Thor is Thirsty – Wynkoop Rocky Mt. Oyster Stout

You may have noticed that the name of this week’s beer is kind of a natural progression from my last review or even this one. But this beer isn’t just punning around, it is actually brewed with bull testicles. This beer was jokingly put on the Wynkoop’s menu for April Fool’s day and surprisingly, the demand for it was big enough for the brewmasters to actually start brewing it. And let me tell you what, the resulting stout they crafted really has a sack full of…


… interesting flavors.

As you can tell from the above photo, this is a really dark stout (it’s super dark, I held a flashlight up to the glass and no light came through) – which of course means lots of flavor. A big load of dark roast coffee hits your tongue, melting away to a rich, spicy maltiness – and joking aside, there is a roasted nuttiness in the mix as well. It also has a syrupy consistency, obviously due the huge grain bill needed to offset the meatiness that the bull testicles are bringing to the beer. It’s a beer that sticks to your ribs, as such make sure you have this with a rich, meaty meal – I had myself a rib eye. Bonus points if you have some actual Rocky Mountain Oysters with this brew, I’m guessing the Big B’s will have to plan a trip out to Wynkoop’s next April to try it out.

Now I know some of you may be concerned about the cleanliness of putting meat products in a beer. But rest assured, the ‘oysters’ are first roasted prior to being thrown in the boiling wort. So by the time the wort is neutered, prior to pitching the yeast, the only thing left of the ‘oysters’ is the earthy, roasted flavors they contained.

Thor’s Facts

Beer – Wynkoop’s Even Smaller Batch Series Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout

Brewery – Wynkoop Brewing Company – Denver, CO

ABV – 7.5%

Availability – Limited 12oz. Cans

Bonus Shout-Out

I got my hands on a couple pairs of this brew up from the nice folks over at Let’s Pour. They have a nice selection of tasty, hard to find American brews – which will definitely come in handy for future reviews.